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Items for those who oppose the war and stand for freedom. For those who are not afraid to speak the truth and believe that it will definitely prevail. For the honest and brave.

who are we?

We are Navalny's team - the main Russian opposition politician. On February 16, 2024, Vladimir Putin killed Alexei Navalny in prison, but we continue his work. The International Anti-Corruption Foundation is taking stolen assets away from Putin's crooks, and our media is bringing the truth to millions of Russians. And all of this is only because of the support of our supporters.

why buy our merch?

Shopping in our store is not just a way to support us. It is a way to make a loud statement and find like-minded people in the crowd, to send a message to those who share your values and show that you are on the side of good.

(Also, our clothes are comfortable and beautiful. It’s only fair for us to mention that.)

where will your money go?

All of the proceeds from the sale of items in this store will be spent on our work. Your purchases will allow us to make even more videos, conduct even more investigations, and strike even more blows against Putin and his entourage.

If you haven’t found anything in the store that suits you, but still want to support us, please click this button. Thank you in advance!

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